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These links have not been updated in four years. The Massachusetts State police has changed its URLs. If a link is bad, search on the title. Executive Office of Public Safety – Civilian Search and Rescue
The Massachusetts State Police maintains the Civil Resource List, a database of all available civilian search and rescue resources, including organized groups and certified individuals.

Massachusetts State Police Incident Management Assistance Team
IMAT has extensive experience in conducting lost person searches – 146 in 1999 alone. The team possesses knowledge and skills in the latest search strategies, assessments, and methodologies. IMAT includes tactical EMTs trained in the use of wilderness emergency evacuation gear.

IMAT and the Massachusetts Plan for Civilian Search and Rescue
Massachusetts State Police IMAT often uses trained civilian volunteers in lost person searches. This page describes the Massachusetts Civilian Search and Rescue Plan.

Massachusetts State Police Special Emergency Response Team
Trained in land navigation and lost person search management, MSP SERT troopers conduct extensive and accurate area searches, often in wilderness areas.

Northeast Wilderness Search and Rescue
NEWSAR provides low-cost and no-cost training to SAR responders throughout the northeast and maintains a registry of SAR Teams and resources.

Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue Team, Inc.
News, training, and organizational information.

Vermont State Police Search and Rescue Team

Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team
UVWRT serves the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire.

New York Search and Rescue
Serves the lower Hudson valley. The web site has a lot of relevant links and documents to download.

Northeast Mobile Search and Rescue
Active in the area west of Albany, NY

Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team
Well-organized and equipped, TNSAR serves the Lake Tahoe area by conducting search and rescue in the backcountry.

National Association for Search and Rescue
News, training, accident reports, and books on disaster aid, SAR, and emergency medicine.

Mountain Rescue Association
Resources and training for rescue professionals in the backcountry.

Eugene Mountain Rescue
This Oregon group has a nice web site.

Rescue Training Resources and Guide
This Australian EMS site covers mountain, urban, cave, and high-angle rescue.

Deutsche Bergwacht
This German national mountain rescue association is affiliated with the German Red Cross.

Österreichischer Bergrettungsdienst
Austrian national mountain rescue service.

Search and Rescue resources and directory. National Incident Notification Network scrolls current accident and disaster news on the screen.

Civil Air Patrol
Often involved in emergency searches, the CAP site provides information about its mission, membership, and links to regional organizations.

A Canadian resource with a huge amount of SAR info and links.

“U. S. Airforce Search and Rescue Survival Training Regulations 64-4”
The four volumes of the training manual in Adobe Acrobat format occupy 100 Megabytes.

National Cave Rescue Commission
Affiliate with the National Speleological Society, NCRC is not a rescue team but a training organization. Cave rescuers are members of local fire departments, EMS organizations, state police, and SAR groups.

International Society of Professional Trackers
Follow signs and use dogs to find the fugitive, lost, and wandering.

Paul Rezendes
Schedules for tracking and stalking classes held in Western Massachusetts.

Tom Brown Tracker School
For at least two decades Tom Brown has taught tracking and wilderness survival, and primitive technology to thousands.

Philips Academy Search & Rescue
Search and rescue is the focus of this high school's outdoors program.

Nordic Ski Patrolling
An opinionated review and survey of gadgets, tools, and resources for the nordic ski patroller.

Related Emergency Services Organizations These organisations offer training, publications, and consulting in emergency management; disaster preparedness, response, and recovery; search and rescue; survival; and terrorism.

National Disaster Medical System

Disaster Medical Assistance Team MA-1, Boston

Disaster Medical Assistance Team MA-2, Worcester

Emergency Response Institute

ERI International, Inc.

Emergency Rescue Links

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